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JULIA FISCHER DAZZLES WITH THE MUSIC OF VIOLIN LEGEND SARASATE Shining a new light on little gems “that make people want to dance or sing” Star violinist Julia Fischer turns to the showpieces of violin legend Pablo Sarasate for her follow-up to 2013’s Bruch/Dvoøák concertos. Sarasate Classics in February 2014, demonstrates not only the extreme technical challenges of the music but also, in Julia Fischer’s words, its inherent “joy and enthusiasm”. The key track on the album is Sarasate’s most celebrated composition: Zigeunerweisen folk flavour, it is best known as a display piece for violin and orchestra, but Fischer and her long-standing accompanist Milana Chernyavska present it here as it was originally written, for violin and piano. Their programme also includes the popular Danzas españolas. Shamelessly designed to show off technique, these captivating pieces soon became a top choice for violin encores.Fischer’s recording will help shine a new light on Sarasate’s music, which she wants to restore to the concert platform, where its presence was taken for granted in the first half of the 20th century. She feels that each of the pieces is a little gem with a mood and story all its own. All of the works on the recording are short, the longest lasting under eight minutes. They speak directly to the heart and do not require deep musical knowledge to appreciate. Sarasate’s contemporaries held him in extremely high regard, with Camille Saint-Saëns, Max Bruch and Édouard Lalo all dedicating works to him. He was one of the first violinists to leave acoustic recordings in the pioneering years of the 20th century, recording his own Zigeunerweisen in 1904. A violin virtuosi herself, it comes as no surprise that Fischer is a great champion of this music dismissing the notion that showpieces have little artistic worth: “Yehudi Mehuhin, Mischa Elman and Jascha Heifetz regularly played works by Sarasate, Kreisler and Paganini. No one would think of faulting their seriousness as artists for doing so.” Sarasate’s extraordinary writing remains a supreme challenge to violinists over a century after his death in 1908. Fischer will be touring the repertoire in November to London, Brussels and Vienna. The tour continues into December with dates in Zurich, Geneva, Moscow and Berlin. Audiences are in for a treat: this is music which calls for temperament, flair and faultless technique. Julia Fischer has them all in abundance. Her most recent Decca album featured the Dvoøák Concerto with its folk-inspired finale; music which gives a glimpse of the qualities richly displayed on this new recital disc. It received a rapturous welcome from the critics: “The violinist dazzles in these interpretations of two Romantic showpiece concertos.” – Classic FM “Fischer is such a fleet, silver-toned soloist, quick to gambol and quicker to charm . . . Through hesitations, piquant phrasings, improvisatory flourishes and limpid stretches of gorgeous hush she always keeps the music alive.” – The Times “. . . a star act on a high . . . bright, attenuated sound, vibrantly expressive but never overbearing . . . ” – Gramophone


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